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We have a great selection of packaging products

Pouch Bags

We have a great selection of pouch bags for any type of fruits and vegetables.

Custom made to your specifications and graphics.

Punnets and Clamshells

We offer a huge variety of punnets and clamshells for just about any type of produce in multiple sizes.


We also offer high-capacity clamshell labeling. 

Corrugated Boxes

Hobbs Container Company offers a huge variety of corrugated containers including boxes, cartons, and clamshell / bag masters in a wide range of capacities.


We also provide custom design and artwork services.

Bulk Bins

A Bulk Bin is a corrugated container which can be used for both bulk storage and transportation, as well as a sales container on the retail floor. 

The produce sold from a bulk bin is usually less expensive per unit compared to pre-packaged items. 

Retail sales from bulk bins are considered to be environmentally friendly because the customer is able to 

choose exactly how much product they want and will go home with less packaging. Hobbs Container Company offers a large variety of bulk bins, both for storage and transportation and as retail-sales containers. Both stock and custom graphics are available. We also offer Rainbowrap, which is a plastic-laminated corrugated product that wraps around a bulk bin sitting on a retail floor. Rainbowrap removes the trip hazard presented by the pallet corners and keeps the underside of the pallet clean. Rainbowrap can also be pre-printed with graphics and used to improve the appearance of a retail-floor bulk bin. Common items stored in bulk bins include pumpkins, melons, citrus, meat products, and nuts.

Tray Liners

We offer a large selection of produce tray liners in both Euro pack, and metric pack sizes. We also offer trays used by Costco and Sam's Club.


The trays are manufactured from polypropylene and are commonly used for packing stone fruit, pears, tomatoes, and kiwis.

FIBC Sacks

FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk containers) sacks are also known as "big bags," "bulk bags," and "bulk sacks." 

They are standardized large-dimension containers for transporting and storing bulk produce, including raw nuts, potatoes, onions, rice, and other dry products. 

FIBC sacks are made of thick woven polypropylene and normally measure around 43" × 43" and vary in height from 40" to 80". 

Capacity is normally around 2,200 pounds, but the larger units can store even more. 


Transporting and loading are done on pallets or by lifting in the corner loops. Emptying is made easy by a special spout in the bottom. 


We offer OMIC certified food-safe FIBC sacks, as well as baffles for stacking and bulge prevention, and plastic liners for moisture sealing. 


FIBC's are highly cost effective, easily recyclable and ideal for many types of bulk produce.  We can provide custom FIBC sacks made to your specifications.

Poly Products

Hobbs Container Company carries a large variety of poly bags and stretch wrap.


Please contact us with your specific needs


Hide Unsightly Bulk Bins And Wooden Pallets With Attractive And Attention-Grabbing RainboWrap(TM)

RainboWrap surrounds the entire octagonal bulk bin and wood pallet, protecting customers from tripping on exposed pallet corners and protecting your company from liability claims and lawsuits. 

Practical And Reusable Point-Of-Sale Advertising

Available in stock patterns such as Watermelon and Wood Crate, RainbowWrap can also be custom printed in full color to promote your brand, store or national advertising campaign. Pre-scored, RainboWrap folds flat for easy storage and can be reused from season to season to display melons, oranges, potatoes, pumpkins, etc.


Patented Laminated Design

Constructed from laminated corrugated board and secured with industrial strength fastener strips, RainboWrap is strong, water resistant and durable enough to be displayed outdoors. It can be wiped off and does not need to be removed for mopping or cleaning the surrounding area. The standard size is 48" x 40" x 28". Custom sizes are available upon request

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